StrengthMark v1.55 Just Released!

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StrengthMark 1.55 is available now. This latest version has support for reviewing exercise history, improved look and feel with calendar views, iOS 10 compatibility, and create exercise shortcuts.

1.55 Release Notes

UI Enhancements

• View log history for any single exercise.
• Improved calendar view of exercise session information for easier workout review.
• Added barbell info to the plate calculator view for clearer usage.
• Added shortcut to create an exercise from the search results view to make it easier to create new custom exercises.
• Added better support for supersets in sets export.
• Made it easier to identify which dates have workout log information on the calendar.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed issue with search bar not clearing after choosing an exercise for a new set.
• Better support for iOS 10.
• Superset cell separator appearing in the wrong place intermittently after duplicate

From 1.50

UI Enhancements

• Added Personal Record History.
• Support for Supersets.
• Support for Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete Multiple Sets.
• Press and hold to drag sets for easier reorganization
• More fields on session view, such as percent max and max effort, for easier to understand training plans.

If you have suggestions for features or fixes for the next update, please send them to Visit for more info.

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