StrengthMark v1.60 Just Released!

StrengthMark 1.60 is out now. This latest version has support for iOS 11.3, editing templates, revamped calendar navigation, set completion times, and more. New in v1.60 Enhancements • Supports iOS 11.3 • Now supports editing templates. • Things just got easier! • Introduces week navigation from the session view • Quickly enter goal times •[…]

StrengthMark v1.55 Just Released!

StrengthMark 1.55 is available now. This latest version has support for reviewing exercise history, improved look and feel with calendar views, iOS 10 compatibility, and create exercise shortcuts. 1.55 Release Notes UI Enhancements • View log history for any single exercise. • Improved calendar view of exercise session information for easier workout review. • Added[…]